Next – Group Exhibition

By Kongpop Benjanirat, Pongpon Preechanon, Phapat Seenaem

When it comes to exhibitions, the execution and title carry a great multitude of how the public will react to it. “NEXT – My1st Solo Exhibition”, speaks volume as to what the exhibition is about. Three artists at the peak of their careers, each making waves in the contemporary scene. Their artworks may seem very different, but all seem to share the core value of thinking outside the box.

Phapat Seenaem brings his own ideology on life, the environment, society, and culture and reflects them onto the canvas. He takes his audience on a journey of self-reflection, where you question the beliefs instilled in you. He uses a body in all his artworks to convey these messages. To really understand his artwork, one needs to approach it with an open and curious mind.

Pongpon Preechanon’s “the bucket boy” is a great example of what does not kill you makes you stronger. He takes knowledge from Thai idioms and adds a touch of his personality to it.  At the beginning I thought of Bucket Boy. He thought of Thai idiom. Bucket over the head of the Thai people as it means so shame that does not dare to meet people. So, he suspects that if you have a bucket over your head, then will it make the shame away? Then if it is so, what if the person who wears it dares to do anything? Without having to feel embarrassed or feel any criteria of society, as it is concealed from the eyes of the exterior with the bucket.

Last but not least is Kongpop Benjanirat with his intent to show Hollywood actors from the 90’s in a different light: show their individuality from the different roles they played. These are actors who made and inspired generations. With intentions to highlight emotions from each one of their roles Kongpop uses his special technique to bring out each actor’s emotion.

These artists are the Epitome of what is “NEXT – My1st Solo Exhibition” in contemporary art. Each in their own path to defining what modern contemporary art is.

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