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Tapestry of Life

Artblog by 333Gallery

by Ravit Teutvongse

is a compilation of the artist’s day-to-day experiences, emotions, and feelings expressed via abstract art devoid of shape, structure, and rules.

From the artist’s life experiences, his thoughts crystallized, and his self-realization It was discovered that, in the end, the genuine self can emerge from letting things unfold spontaneously and that there is no need to set or control anything; rather, one only needs to observe, select, and make decisions.

Like the manner in which Ravit creates this recent series of paintings. He believes it is his responsibility to ‘create a cause’ and then allow the emotions and sentiments of the moment to propel him into the flow state of mind, resulting in the phenomena of each piece’s distinctive colors and textures superimposing. In the result, there is an unexpected beauty.

and he, as the master of his creation, is the only one capable of completing what he started.

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