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Duo Exhibition by Tan Kositpipat & Piyatat Hemmatat


DUEL is a collaboration between two artists from different generations who share a passion for firearms. Through the various works of art by the artists, we will see a narrative viewpoint on what is often regarded as forbidden, hazardous, and violent, which causes grief and loss.


The exhibition features two projects by both artists: Piyatat Hemmatat’s Ballistics and Tan Kositpipat’s Hollow Point.


For Ballistics, Piyatat spent approximately 4 years developing the project by learning about firearms, experimenting, and creating each art piece by trial and error. This collection of works consists of photographs, sculptures, and a video installation showing the beauty that comes with the fragments of gunfire. Whether it is the design or the shape of the firearm, each model has a distinct visual appearance. The invisible beauty that follows the pull of the trigger, or the beauty that accompanies the intensity of the particles of destruction when a bullet strikes an object… or a human body.


Hollow Point by Tan Kositpipat was inspired by the general perception that firearms are designed for devastation. Tan intends to use the gun’s parts and components to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that will bring people closer to and into interaction with firearms. Tan infused the symbols of life, birth, and growth into this art collection, which contrasted sharply with the concept of weaponry.


Regarding the Piyatat and Tan’s first duo exhibition, it began with the close relationship between the two families.

Tan and Piyatat may be considered friends from different generations, but their shared passion for firearms allows them to spend time exchanging perspectives and sharing knowledge and experiences about the subject. And then, bringing their passions to develop and create individual collections of art with the common goal of attempting to show the public a side of firearms that many may not have seen or learned much about.


Ballistics by Piyatat Hemmatat

‘Ballistics’ 2018 – 2022


Historically, the survival of an individual, tribe, region or country has largely depended on its progress in the arms-race; its ability to hunt, protect, attack, defend, disarm, thrive and evolve. A strong military arsenal or personal weapon can be both an intimidating threat or a peacetime deterrent.


The global military industrial complex is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and engineering. It constantly pushes the technological boundaries and is the biggest business enterprise in the world. Aside from arms and military capability, it has given the world other kinds of technological breakthroughs. Double-edged swords such as digital communication and smart production platforms including the internet, mobile phones, GPS, robotics, space programs and AI.


The very idea of weapons is understandably a polarizing subject, the nature of this is extreme and bipolar with contradictory design elements of beauty and ugliness. Firearms specifically have their own distinctive aesthetics and represent the dualities of creation and destruction, mechanical

and organic, terrifying and inspiring, order and chaos, light and dark. Technology truly expresses and brings out the best and the worst within all

of us.


Guns are weapons used with hands and arms as an extension of the human form, they are fundamentally analogue tools that have evolved from archery, sword and spear. This project ‘Ballistics’ consists of a series of photographs, sculptures and video installations created using different

caliber guns and bullets.


Piyatat Hemmatat


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