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Last But Not Least Exhibition (The exhibition's name created by Khun Tharisa Vanichtheeranont)

Artblog by Angkrit Ajchariyasophon

When I was a child, I dreamed about my life in the future as I wished I could live my life freely in the open world with plenty of diversity. It was supposed to be what I had thought until now that there are many problems that have been occurring such as the Covid-19 epidemic, economic problems, war, environmental problems, and natural disasters.

I was invited by to organize online exhibitions for launching the website. What I am interested in is our attitude and perspective on the present world. With the potential of the website that wants to create an artistic experience through a light displayed screen, I am interested in a form of image that is homogeneous to the website, it can be called as “digital photographs”, where we can capture, snap, save, post from our daily routine. As a matter of fact, we may not think much about these kind of pictures as we snap them to save time and some experience fractions, but when the time passes, we leave them being forgotten somewhere in our storages.

I invited more than 333 people to create different art works, including contemporary artists, Emerging Artists, Master Artists, gallerists, collectors, Students until curators, and all of which are related to the field of art. I ask them to send the last picture in their smart phone, they must to send the picture after reading this message without modifying. 

Seeing different personal reality images that can narrate people’s life such as dogs, cats, food, places, selfies, and payments can show the representation of things that are outside of artistic standards. These personal reality images can open up the story of everyday life, and they can encourage us to see something that exists beyond our expectation. Something that is freedom and beauty that we all have in our daily life and can share together.

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