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333 Anywhere Gallery, Where Contemporary Arts are Easily Accessible. 

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TH ภาษาไทย

333 Anywhere can be counted as a brand-new art gallery though it is not as new as it seems to be. This well-managed gallery is affiliated with 333 Gallery, established 15 years ago on Surasak Rd. It was the first family gallery business that extended its second branch situated at River City Bangkok, a shopping center of arts and antiques, four years ago. 

333 Gallery, the first family business, has focused on Vietnamese antiques and arts. In contrast, the second branch has exhibited the fabulous works created by Thailand’s old masters and artists in the later time. 

Tharisa Vanishtheeranont

Tira Vanichtheeranont, the founder of 333 Gallery, has passed his business and passion to his dear daughter, Ms. Tharisa Vanishtheeranont, to wholly run 333 Anywhere, the newcomer gallery located at Warehouse 30.

Not only does it showcase various thrilling contemporary arts, but it is also a place where skilled artists can be incubated and supported with an international art gallery standard system. 

Most viewed that contemporary art as out-of-reach, but, to 333 Anywhere, such kind of art is so alluring that it can be a good start to commence its business for supporting young artists to show their works to the world. 

“We aim at extending the contemporary art circle and letting it be more accessible to ordinary people and professional collectors who are mostly attached to the old masters’ works. This can discourage the new highly-qualified artists from penetrating the market since they don’t get proper support,” said Tharisa. To solve the problem, she also explored her solution, “ Therefore, we make a contract with those high-skilled artists who show their consistency in art and share similar attitude with us. We will take part as their agency with a clear working schedule and effective marketing plans to guarantee their monthly income average of 50,000 THB which is not salary.” This is her incubated plan. 

The first group of artists working with 333 Anywhere is called ‘333 Avengers’ consisting of nine artists with ages ranging from 24 to 47 years old: Darakorn Sornpood (Ko), Jitti Jumnianwai (Nhum), Weeraya Yamansabeedeen (Jaiko), Ananyot Jannual (Mark), Pongpon Preechanon (Pong), Phapat Seenaem (Phlu, Panchat Yodmanee (Ice), Phumin Phupha (Guitar), and Kajonsak Rungsuriyan (Jon). 

“ We have followed their work for many years before signing the contract. Every artist has his own style. Additionally, we have extended our networks with galleries in both domestic and international regions, such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. Also, we have solidified our connection with our valued collectors. Through our strong connections, we can make sure that our artists will be able to have steady career growth with us. So far, in the last two years, they became more widely acknowledged and were able to sell their paintings to our valued customers. Not only is sale growth our goal, but the ease of transferability and value-added are also listed in our key success. Finally, I do hope that their impeccable works will be entitled in the museum’s collections,” Tharisa, 44, explored her work. 

Tharisa also illustrated her work with her contracted artists as followed, “Weeraya (Jaiko) is one of our examples who performs her realistic works assembling an international sense. She has been occupied until the end of next year, but she can only produce her work depending on her mood. After working with us, she has been assisted in working schedules and dealing with customers. Basically, she spends a quarter or more to finish her oil painting. She has to outline her painting structure on the whole for our customers to reserve her painting from this process. This is because the customer feels confident of her artwork quality. This costs 60,000-150,000 THB for a 70*140 cm painting.” Furthermore, another artist she proudly presents is Ananyot (Mark) who has reaped several prizes in various art competitions owing to his detail-oriented and unique identity. 

She also furthered her plan that next year she will take her artists to showcase their works at a gallery in Taiwan, her strategic partner. 

According to her working experience with her father in gallery administration, Tharisa has opined that artwork value has risen year by year, and the age of collectors becomes younger and younger as well because of the growth in the online market. 

“Our target group is the collectors in the age range of 25 to 55 with whom we would like to deal in the long run. Artwork is an asset whose value has been substantially growing overtaking stocks and gold with the condition that it has to be the right piece. Despite its growing value, it is difficult to transfer in a short time. The proportion between the art-passionate and investing collectors is obviously the same. For those who are new to the market, we would advise them to be patient and identify their favorite style before owning an artwork. To own an artwork must be based on their passion as they won’t be stressed out due to pricing stagnancy. The price of each artwork takes five to six years to set alight,” added Tharisa. 

333 Anywhere has planned to launch its online gallery next year which allows the audiences to access virtually and purchase the artworks online. Myriad projects have been created with competent artists to exhibit their toy art for the market. 

In terms of rotating exhibitions, the gallery arranges monthly art exhibitions covering its area of 300 square meters and plans to invite renowned artists abroad to show their works. 

With our gallery opening exhibition by Ms. Lapinee (Nadia) Busayakul’s project “The Process of Healing” in July 2020, the gallery was warmly welcomed by the collectors and others. Some collectors questioned the reason underlying for exhibiting the brand-new artist at our opening event as Nadia was a fresh graduate from Chulalongkorn University at that time, and she remained unknown in the market. However, we proved that we were right. Nadia’s works were almost sold out. Admittedly, launching a new business necessitated a marketing sense since most preferred sensible and pleasing work to another type of art. But it’s not always like that. Some meaningful works were worth enough to show, such as an abstract collection by Mr. Amnaj Wachirasut, ‘Elemental’ exhibited from October 3 to November 1, 2020. His works could meet an international market’s demand. To excel in our business, we have invited curators to choose the works for us, or we selected the works ourselves. 

Tharisa gave her view about the art gallery system in Thailand, “We only have ‘Thai Art Collector Association’, but we don’t have ‘Thai Art Gallery Association’ like what Hong Kong has. Overthere, the galleries work collaboratively to contribute to their art community. In contrast, there are numerous galleries scattered around Thailand regardless of the size of the business. There’s still room for us to work together. As a gallery owner, we try to standardize the gallery system and extend our limitation beyond a place where the artworks are held and run our business from the percentage of our sales.” 

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